Wax Melt Burner (Standard)

Wax Melt Burner (Standard)

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These are really cool and inexpensive Ceramic Warmers...
Each one comes with a FREE Tea Light Candle!

Its our Std Wax burners that we will carry year-round at an exceptional Value. We will load more expensive and fancier warmers mid-summer. So stay tuned and be sure you’re following us on FB and IG! Tao links at the bottom of our site!!!

As Always, PLEASE Follow each SAFETY PRECAUTION measures on each candle/wax product item we carry. We have made sure we listed safety stickers in EVERYTHING!

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what are wax melts???

Like candles? Well, you’ll LOVE these... Waxmelts are STRONG scented wickless candles used in a WaxMelt burner. Burners are usually made of non-flammable materials like glass, ceramic or stone. *Please exercise proper safety when burning candles or waxmelts and NEVER leave them unattended or allow them to burn longer than 3-4hrs at a time* ***FOR YOUR SAFETY FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED ON YOUR PACKAGING***