Mama’s SeaSalted Watermelon

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A Classic Family Recipe...

The history of this soap
Is really a SIGNATURE Mississippi Fav... my Mum, may she rest in heaven... never allowed us to eat watermelon from the Rhine. She said it wasn’t lady-like... she was indeed a southern belle at heart!!! Tho we lived shabbily in the projects with very little., she made sure we were full on traditions, rich in values, and instilled only the highest in all of her children.
Sooooo she wud cut the watermelon into cubes and top it with rock salt.... she said her grandma served it that way & it became a family FAV of ours EVERY SUMMER! So when thinking of how I wanted my soap to differ from the rest., I couldn’t help but borrow a lil of my mama’s recipe/// and topped ours with Pink Himalayen Salt, adorned a small flat side with poppyseeds and mixed poppyseeds into the body of this rich PINK Soap made with ALL NATURAL Mineral Micas UNCUT! It’s scented with an ALL NATURAL Watermelon juice from @bulkapothecary -one of my favorite suppliers!!! We hope you like this high-stacked soap! You’ll definitely have to cut this bar in half... like most of our soaps, it’s a generously BIG bar of soap!!!